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Our Story

Te’Jun is a Texas-based, Cajun-inspired seafood company with mobile food trucks as well as restaurants. Te’Jun also serves as a supplier of live crawfish as well as other seafood, including shrimp, lobster and crab.

Te’Jun was started in 1997 as a mobile seafood restaurant serving boiled crawfish to the South-Central Texas area. Te’Jun is Christ-centered and family-owned by Joe and Tammy Reid. Joe started Te’Jun as a little side business for extra income to make ends meet as well as to build a college fund for his two daughters. Joe built the first Te’Jun trailer in 1996 with the assistance of two friends, Dean Gauntt and Bobby Brown. The first trailer is fondly regarded as “Deano” after Dean. The trailer was constructed in Bobby’s backyard.

Te’Jun had its first crawfish season in the spring of 1997. Te’Jun initially exclusively sold crawfish along with corn and potatoes and shortly afterward added boiled shrimp. The season ran only weekends from March until July 4th weekend. It was solely run by Joe, Tammy and their two daughters for many years in the beginning. On Thursdays after work, Joe would go pick-up the crawfish while the women made and poured into containers thousands of gallons of red sauce in their home’s kitchen. Set-up started as a canopy attached to the trailer. While on parking lots, Te’Jun experienced the full spectrum of Texas weather, from tornado warnings and extreme winds to downpours, blistering heat and even snow on a few occasions. In 2009, they purchased an enclosed, custom-built trailer. In 2011, Joe’s son-in-law, Erik Smith, quit his job to join Te’Jun and was instrumental in helping Te’Jun grow by adding a fall schedule. This addition ultimately transitioned and expanded Te’Jun into being a year-round operation. In 2017, Robinson was completed as the first Te’Jun restaurant. Until January 2020, the entire background operation for Te’Jun was conducted from Joe and Tammy’s home. In 2020, they moved into a renovated office and warehouse in Fairfield. In the fall of 2021, Te'Jun opened its newest restaurant in Red Oak, TX. 

Throughout the years, Te’Jun has continued to expand its menu to include many Cajun favorites as well as add many amazing crew members along the way.

We look forward to serving you and welcoming you to the Te’Jun family!

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