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Te'Jun is a Texas-based, Cajun-inspired seafood company.  We aim to provide fresh and delicious Cajun cuisine conveniently and more affordably.   

We have several dining locations and options.

MOBILE Te'Jun has a mobile food truck that serves South-Central Texas.  It travels to new locations every Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday.  Please click here to see schedule.  

WAREHOUSE Te'Jun has a warehouse that is located in Fairfield, TX.  Every Friday, Te'Jun's original food trailer is open! 

RESTAURANTS Te'Jun has two restaurant locations.  One is located in Robinson, TX and the other in Red Oak, TX.  Both restaurants have options for dine-in as well as drive-thru window pick-up.  Open Monday-Saturday. 

LIVE ORDERING All of the above location options can provide live crawfish as well as all the supplies needed for a backyard boil!   Please click here for more details.